Athletics and Academics at Saint Peter's University

Student-athletes at Saint Peter's University enjoy a tremendous environment for academic success thanks to the resources, programs and services offered by both the athletics department and the University's academic support system.

To have success both on and off the playing arena, student-athletes are encouraged to take advantage of all the resources offered by the institution’s academic support services. Specifically, the Saint Peter's Call Center (Center for Advancement in Language and Learning) offers tutoring sessions on an individual and group basis.

All freshman and transfer student-athletes are required to participate in the Academic Progress Program, which is coordinated by the Academic Athletic Coordinator. Freshman and Transfer students are required to complete five hours of study hall each week, during their first semester and also attend academic meetings with either the Academic Athletic Coordinator or his or her Graduate Assistant. After the first semester, participation in the Academic Progress Program will be evaluated based on the cumulative GPA and credit hours earned during the student-athlete’s initial first semester at Saint Peter’s.

The Academic Athletic Office is responsible for monitoring each student-athlete's progress toward a degree while maintaining athletic eligibility. The Academic Athletic Office works with the University’s Certifying Officer to verify accuracy of eligibility information.

The Academic Athletic Office also helps student-athletes to coordinate classes with practice ad competition schedules to best suit them in maintaining a healthy balance.

Paige Vicari
Academic/Athletic Coordinator
Phone: (201) 761-7305