Women's Basketball

14 Hala Mostafa
14 Hala Mostafa
Height: 6-1
Year: Fr.
Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Position: C
Previous School: Modern Narmer Language School

High School Individual Athletic Achievements/Honors: Named "Best Player" in a friendly tournament in Syria...Recipient of the MVP trophy twice in Egyptian tournaments...Ranked 1st in blocking in the World Cup Championship...

High School Team Athletic Achievements: Finished with a 1st place ranking 9 times...Finished with a 2nd place ranking 7 times...Finished with a 3rd place ranking 5 times...


Club/Travel Team: Ahly Sporting Club

Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant/Shaquielle O'Neal 

Favorite Professional Team: Lakers

This season I think our team will accomplish: Win the MAAC, attain a good ranking in the NCAA

Two things I bring to the team: Spirit & Laughter

My favorite thing about being a student-athlete is: Hanging out with my teammates, playing pages, sharing success

Since my last competitive season the aspect of my training I’ve worked on the most is: Shooting, blocking, foot work 

Who most influenced your athletic career and why: My father because he is great and was successful in basketball

Favorite motivational quote: Ball is Life/Work & Make It Work/Capricorn Style

Reason you chose your number: My father used to wear it and it has been my number since I started playing basketball

What is your biggest sports’ thrill: Winning games in the last second of in an overtime period 

Pre-game Rituals: Reading the Quran and listening to music 

Greatest Sports Memory: U16 African Championships in Mali in 2009, U18 African Championships in Egypt in 2010, U17 World Cup Championship in Chile in 2011 (ranked 1st in blocking, 7th in rebounds, 13th in points per game around the world)


Nickname: Loly

Parents: Mostafa and Hala

Siblings/Ages: Zeyad (15)

Major: Accounting

Career Ambition: To play in the WNBA

Favorite Food: Egyptian Food

One fun fact about me: Being insane around my teammtes

Playing on my iPod right now: What Makes You Beautiful- One Direction

My most prized personal possession is: My VISA card 

Favorite childhood cartoon/show: Tom & Jerry 

Favorite cereal: Raisin Bran

Top 3 Favorite T.V. Shows: 90210

Hobbies/Interests: Being with my family, reading about astrology 

If you could visit any country/place in the world where would it be: California

What three items would you bring if stranded on a desert island? What one teammate would you bring?:  My iPod, my family, food. I'd bring my whole team


Reason you chose Saint Peter’s: Basketball

Best part about being a Peacock: My amazing, hilarious teammates 

Favorite thing to do on/around campus: Chilling out with my teammates

One thing I really like about Saint Peter’s that most people wouldn’t know: It is surrounded with coole/friendly people and we are one big family